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Museum development
As we all agree, today's museum is not only about it's collection. Collection is a tool for working with memory. When we work with a museum we ask who's memory is it and what can this memory do for constructing today's and tomorrow's identity? That creates main platforms for our work: memory, community and the future.

Another important theme for us is "solitary visitor" and what one feels.
Some people feel museum as a strange school space. We would prefer something like the magic forest where all things look different and you can lose yourself and then find again enriched by new experience.
Today's most important challenge for museums is a presentation of non-material. There are a lot of ways to demonstrate manuscripts - but how can we demonstrate writer's creative techniques? How to demonstrate the way of thinking or the process of scientific search?

We deal with these questions. And when possible, we involve the community to the process of designing the display. Sometimes it is better to do things together with people, then for them.
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Scope of tasks
what can we help with?
  • Museum strategies and building new museums
  • Exhibitions: concept development, master and interpretative planning, design and graphic design. installation
  • Museum design and branding
  • Educational programs and outreach programs: we can develop and launch new program for you or assist you in doing it
  • Workshops for museum professionals
  • Audit and consulting
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