Permanent literature exhibition

'Aleksei Peshkov's imaginary apartment in Samara'. Samara literature museum. 2015
Scope of works: idea, concept, master planning, graphic and exhibition design, construction management, installation
Maxim Gorky had spent two years (1895-96) in Samara. Two years is not too much, but it was a period that turned him form unknown poor journalist Aleksei Peshkov in to the most popular (at that time) russian writer Maxim Gorky. The exhibition presents ideas and creative strategies which made this transformation possible. It also analyses Gorky's social interaction which played very important role in his fast rise.

The budget was extremely low, so we used cheap lofi installations engaging public in a deep interaction with the content. 'Peshkov's wardrobe' allows you to try on Gorky's characters outfits, to make some key choices for these characters and to meet the consequences of your choice. 'Peshkov's battle map' shows 'combat actions' conducted by Gorky as a local newspaper journalist. It helps to understand who were his enemies and why. In 'Peshkov's cabinet' his ideas, friends and women are stored. You can also find out who he will use these ideas and relations in the future.
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