Museum design: God's in the details

Our approach to design and storytelling
Texts and stories
We love alive texts, sometimes with a bit of humor. At the same time, often good narration can be design of the direct speech of the people - almost without any additional words. The exhibition area can be a field where different points of view and different social experiences meet each other.
Artefacts and interpretation
Artefact is almost nothing, context is almost everything. We like to organise interaction between artefacts and to give visitors possibility to go deeper and deeper in researching contexts. Sometimes we have to build rather complicated constructions for that purpose.
Multimedia is not 'addition', it should be used to create new senses, not for beautifying. We use 3D mapping and augmented reality (AR) and all range of multimedia technologies for building new stories and expanding the possibilities of interaction with the artefacts.
Interactivity is not about pressing buttons. For us it's about the possibility to feel yourself 'inside' the character, to understand the scenarios which this or that epoch dictates.
At the same time the deepest level of interaction with the public can be achieved 'behind the scene' when we meet the community, discuss its needs and design new museum projects together with the audience.
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