Travelling multimedia exhibition

'Words of stones: an experiment in reading and conveying the legacy of Quala-Quareish'. State Hermitage (St. Petersburg), V&A Museum (London), 2017.
Scope of works: idea, concept, master-planning, graphic and exhibition design, multimedia scenarios, installation.
The exhibition presents 3D scanned artefacts (mostly gravestones) of medieval fortress Quala-Quareish in Dagestan, Russia. With that it presents a scope of problems and decisions connected with presentation of digital heritage in museums. The presentation of a copy (or digital copy, or even original) of an artefact itself tells nothing for non professional spectator. We have to find a way to make him familiar with the context: with the epoch, landscape and cultural references.

In our exhibition 3D mapping, augmented reality and other digital technologies were used for solving this problem. The visitors could repeat the path of scientists exploring artefacts: to compare the ornaments with ones existing in other regions, to find the translations of the engravings and get acquainted with mentioned characters.
The project was launched within the REach programm drived by V&A and Charitable foundation 'Peri'. This international program researches new ways of coping, conservation and presentation of the heritage.
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